make any space
as the Space to collab0rate

Work wherever and however you want with our collab0rate solutions

On the go

In Transit | In Public | Around the Office


Personal Office | Open Office | Executive Office


Phone Booth | Huddle Space | Focus Room | Small Meeting Room | Medium Size Meeting Room | Large Meeting Room


Depending on the agreed SLAs, up to 20,000 attendees , 50 concurrent events , 16 hours broadcast and multiple video and audio overlays


some of our packages include a 6 month FREE Trial.


Explore our Energy Savings and IoT EDGE's collab0rate solutions


Explore how you could use collab0rate world class remote sophisticated AV systems of Banquet Halls


Save time and cost via collab0rate's Digital Signature, AR , Real Time and aerial remote solutions


Learn how our young adult with Autism (ASD) capitalise on IoT, free WAN (up to Link Budget of 170 dB and (VERY) low cost satellite communication to collab0rate, monitor and manage among urban and rural site.

Make Any Space as the Space to Collab0rate

collab0rate components installed

Audio Video

In 2020 , The workforce spans five generations.

80 %

The average employee spends 80 percent of their time collaborating.

Make collab0rate Solutions work for you

Deployment, security, and governance




Start with deployment, then , we'll help customers for a better secured and governance of your Teams environment with configuration and management services.

enhanced productivity

Collab0rate Solutions for Callings , meetings and various Customised Solutions

Use our various collab0rate solutions for a more integrated messaging, calling, and meeting solutions that help your organizations stay connected—wherever they are.

We also build a custom solution for a unique problem—from sales dashboards to process workflow, collab0rate solutions possibilities are endless.

No matter what line of business you’re in, collab0rate solutions offers a customizable approach to workflow management so you can maximize the value you provide to your customers.

About Us

solution for any business model

Project Services or/and Managed Services

We provide support to customers with project-based cloud migration, information architecture, and security set-up offerings.
And as part of our company policies of developing a lasting customer engagements and helping them grow their business, collab0rate solutions also offer an ongoing managed services.

Re-usable IP

Collab0rate solutions also offer custom offerings into packaged IP, including bots, extensions, or line of business applications.

enabled yet secured

collab0rate better

Enable people and teams to meet, collab0rate and be productive from anywhere

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